Upcoming Markets in Valencia

I am excited to be able to launch Parallel Projects in 2 markets in Valencia this month.

The first one, Zoco Market, will take place in the beautiful Mercado de Colon on the 14th of May! The next one, El Creativo, will be held in el Patio de Ruzafa on the 21st of May!!

Lots of stamping to be done! Hope to see you there 🙂

Welcome to my Parallel Project

I am a visual artist from Northern Ireland, who has been living in Valencia, Spain, for the last 18 years.

I decided to create Parallel Project as I also love the side of printing work , and starting lino and rubber cutting rather recently, and am addicted to it now!

Having owned a clothes shop for 13 years, I also love the trading side, going to markets, selling to shops,  dealing with the public, meeting like minded people. Parallel Projects has made this possible again.

It is a very new company, and I hope it grows to its full potential! Please you follow me on this new journey, and help me grow.

Thank you!